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Its Udderly delightful
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The Jump (TF TG sci-fi) :iconbqnk:BQNK 1 0
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New Erotic Transformation Book, FREE on Smashwords :iconbqnk:BQNK 4 3
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Becoming Nannan (Cow TF) :iconbqnk:BQNK 111 2
Halloween Story Ch. 01
"Sir Brandon Albrecht is still missing after disappearing two weeks ago from a St. Petersburg hotel." The camera cut to gritty black and white security footage. "The 36 year old, Noble Prize winning economist was seen returning from dinner late in the evening of October 16 and walking to the lobby elevator, but oddly, there is no footage of him leaving the hotel. He was not found in his room, but all of his belongings were still..."
James stood in his towel brushing his teeth while he watched the TV. He never watched the 24 hour news circus except on the road. He’d wake up, do some yoga, and then, relaxed and in a good state of mind, turn on the TV, and walk to the bathroom. He could hear the indiscernable mumbling frequencies of the anchors through the steaming water and bubbles of his shampoo. Then he would brush his teeth and watch the world burn before heading downstairs for a hearty breakfast.
He saw her at reception from over his sip of strong black coffee. He
:iconbqnk:BQNK 1 1
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TG Sequence (M2F) :iconbqnk:BQNK 252 2
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CMSN: Pups in the Oven (M2F Preggo Dog TF) :iconbqnk:BQNK 125 7
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Basking in the Changes (Commission) :iconbqnk:BQNK 247 5
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BECOMING NANNAN (Erotic TFTG Hucow Alien ETC Book) :iconbqnk:BQNK 11 0


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Goodgirl :iconthefelinealchemist:TheFelineAlchemist 98 6
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witch :iconnbekkaliev:nbekkaliev 275 7 gun :iconnbekkaliev:nbekkaliev 331 7

What does milk from a transformed cow girl do? 

108 deviants said It changes people into other cow girls
16 deviants said It's an aphrodisiac
16 deviants said Nothing. It's milk.
3 deviants said Something else? (Comments welcome)


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Kate has set me down to brief me on my next mission -- which begins in fifteen minutes. She is a flurry of hectic activity; explaining the jump, running through street maps, site plans -- basic, childsplay intel.

I have a photographic memory. She could simply arrange the materials on the massive control room holo screen and give me five minutes of peace; but I like watching Kate bouncing around in a tizzy. The later I am to briefings the more chance I have of seeing her plump breasts jiggling about in her strategically unbuttoned blouse as she rushes around the room in panic.

“Can you not put your feet on the control deck? I swear, Blake” She rushes over, pushes my feet off with her hip, and then straightens her glasses. Kate is a feast of curves, and, thus, in my silent opinion: the best brief in the department.

“Easy now! I’m going to burn myself, or, worse: you’re going to spill my whiskey.”

“You should not be drinking here...and put out that cigarette! I’ve told you a thousand times! You need to prepare.”

“This is my preparation.” I flick my ash to the concrete floor. She rolls her eyes and continues her spiel.

No one smokes anymore. They sip kale smoothies and look into purchasing supplemental insurance. To a spy, insurance is the first step to destruction. A spy must be acquainted with death in all its guises. Life, if it’s worth anything, involves exposure.

Let’s be honest here: working for a government is more dangerous than the sum total of every cigarette I’ve ever smoked. In a war movie, when the soldier gets stranded on enemy soil, the commander will inevitably yell some form of the phrase: No man left behind!

Ha! If you’re a spy, this phrase morphs to: Never heard of him.

In ancient Rome, the Senate could decree your erasure from history: damnatio memoriae -- basically destroying every trace of your having ever existed. That’s what they did to traitors. These days, we assign a press team and put them on 24/7 display, repeating their first, middle, and last name until we can’t forget it.

Now consider me: I’m one of the best soldiers the government has, and I pay for that with damnatio memoriae -- so seeing as any moment I could cease to exist, I intend to enjoy myself. So I take a sip of whiskey. I take a drag of my cigarette. And I pretend I’m not listening to Kate.

“She’s waiting in the hotel here. She will meet Guerra here, three blocks away in an hour. She’s hacked -- completely compromised, unbeknownst to her. You’ll make the jump and commandeer her body.”

“Got it. And I meet him and take him out.” I consider making the cliche neck slitting motion with my cigarette hand but I don’t. “You jump me back here, and she wakes up to take the blame.”

“No! Wrong. I wasn’t finished.”

“I’m not taking him out?” I pout.

“No. We need a sample.”

“A sample?”

Kate’s tension melts away before my eyes. She is smiling. She is smiling and doing her best to not show her teeth -- struggling to keep it a closed-mouth smile.

“A sample of what?” Why am I suddenly so uneasy?

Her cheeks turn red and fill like a hot air balloon. She tries to compose herself without success. She laughs in an explosion of air and spit, covering her mouth quickly with her thin fingers and turning around. Kate holds one finger up. Hold on a second. “I’m sorry, Blake.” She stands up straight and breathes, fanning herself with both hands, cackling randomly.

“We need a...sample.”

“A sample of...” My cigarette is going unsmoked. The ash is becoming dangerously long.

Kate quickly spits the words out. “Guerra! A sample of Guerra!” She laughs again long and hard.

Kate’s uncharacteristic cheer has filled me with uncharacteristic dread. I stand up and yell over her laughter. “What the fuck do you mean by sample? Is he an interior decorator? Do you need some color swatches?”

Kate is doing her best to restrain herself. Tears are streaming down her eyes. “Think lower.” She points a tiny finger towards her crotch. I spit my whiskey. My hands are shaking.

“Absolutely....absolutely not!” I stand up. Kate explodes in laughter again. “I’m taking my vacation days, effective immediately.”

“No. You’re not. We need our best man on this mission, and that’s you.”

Kate grabs my arm and I immediately smack her hand away. “You don’t need a man! You need Susan! Call Susan.”

“Susan’s on a two week assignment in New Zealand.”

“Well, how fucking lovely for Susan! So that means I’m stuck getting fucked, literally, by Guerra? I’m not going to be the government’s whore!”

“Last time I checked, that’s basically what you are: you’re a spy and you like it. If you think about it, this mission is really no different from any other...”

“It is completely different!” I stub out my wasted cigarette and retrieve the carton; it’s hard to open it with my hands shaking.

“...and besides there’s a bonus.”

“You can’t buy me, Kate.” I grit my teeth. Snarling, I throw my bag over my shoulder and head for the exit. No one is gonna back me into a corner.

“It’s two years’ pay.”

I turn and promptly return to my seat, flick open my lighter and drag fire into the tip of my new cigarette. I take a sip of whiskey and look up at Kate.

“I’m listening.”
The Jump (TF TG sci-fi)
A little something I'm working on. 

Check the other fiction…
Here are some Smashwords coupon codes open until the end of March, just enter them at checkout, easy easy:
Swapped, Dominated VD67R
Becoming Nannan FB72V 
Pleasant Moo Farms EB55W
Pleasant Moo Two LJ74K
Sleighless: An Erotic Christmas Transformation Tale MM52K
(18+ Mature Audiences only)
Swapped (Free)

You want free TF erotica for the weekend? You want! Get Swapped by BL Quick here at 

Mature Audiences Only (Age 18+)

Some excerpts:

“He looked down, praying for relief, but the welts continued to grow, with every pulse forward they felt more and more wonderful. “Oh…Oh yes!” he moaned. His voice cracked and a soft undertone took over as he repeated the phrase”

“She had changed on the couch, bursting from her clothes, watching horrified as her dick sprung from the ashes of her pussy, rising in the flickering glow of television light, inch by inch, until it stood long and hard as a rock. She grabbed it, feeling it’s heat radiating as it grew out of her broadening hand. She began to pump it without thought.” 


Book Description:
Nick and his wife had tried everything to get pregnant–every herbal remedy, position, and treatment—at least it felt that way. At his wit’s end and desperate for any solution no matter how ridiculous, Nick turns to a mysterious old man with an ancient remedy. Will Nick use the necklace to regain his virility and end his problems once and for all? Or will Nick’s impatience change his and his wife’s entire reality? 

What does milk from a transformed cow girl do?
108 deviants said It changes people into other cow girls
16 deviants said It's an aphrodisiac
16 deviants said Nothing. It's milk.
3 deviants said Something else? (Comments welcome)
Mouse TF

Looking around it’s obvious we’re already living in a hybrid world. Scientists are gestating human-animal chimeras in laboratories and I’m sure that soon we will all have grammar check implanted in our heads. Once every fantasy imaginable can be projected from our heads into the world around us, it will likely make half of the art online look like cave paintings. That thought has discouraged me lately. 

But I remembered some of the reason I started doing transformation art is the fun of making something uncanny and shocking; to pull that hybrid world out of the future and shove it squarely into the present, while hoping that past the initial jolt people would get some beauty out of the experience, even if it was just a laugh. 

Q: Why make transformation art? 
A: Why take the time to post that question online?

Transformation art is as old as humanity. The mythology of the past is chock full of shapeshifting, half-animal characters who, coincidently, look positively benign when compared to the beasts who populate some of our current political, business, and social institutions. What’s the big deal?

So here’s a mouse girl. Enjoy, share, grab some TF fiction, enjoy your weekend.
Peace, BQNK

I've been thinking a lot about how to structure commissions and have decided I don't like providing a "list of services" with set prices. I'm sure this is a more organized way to do things, but I also have been on the other end of things, liking an artists work, and knowing I couldn't afford it. 

In the interest of eliminating the barriers and needless structure, I'm taking a new approach:

1. Every project is different. 
I want to encourage the exchange of ideas and push the art forward. A lot more than cash goes into an artists work--for starters ENTHUSIASM for the project. If you want a piece of art, I want to hear about it. Send me a note here or on deviantart and tell me what you would like to commission. Rather than start from the angle of cash, we're going to start with the idea. What could be. Provide details. 

2. I'm abandoning price lists as an experiment. The only limit is I'm setting my minimum commission price at $10. 
I would like to do art as part of my living. Every commission makes me better. By now we are all aware of pricing in the community (e.g. Black and white single image is obviously less involved than a full photomanip or color tf sequence). Once again every project is different, I can't know until I hear the idea, understand what you want. 

So anyway, that's it: 
1. send a note with your idea(s) (details are good) 
2. know that, at minimum, artwork will be $10. We can discuss price in relation to the idea.

Also, just as a reminder, the type of artwork I do: Digital drawing (black and white and color), photomanipulation, pencil sketches, etc.

Thank you all for your support and kindness. 


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Loved your pleasant moo books :3
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I meant to comment here when I found you, but your work is just awesome, and not just due to the sexy aspect of it, but also they are fun. You have a great sense of humor, keep up the great work.
BQNK Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2016  Student
Thanks so much for this comment. It means a great deal to have such enthusiastic support and I also am glad you like the fun aspect of it! That's something I care a lot about and appreciate that you enjoy it.
Alonbok77 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
My pleasure, always fun to find someone who has a passion for their art and enjoys sharing it.
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